What Are Deck Screws?

Having an outdoor deck has proved very beneficial as it turns out to add beauty to your home, not just that it makes your home look and feel luxurious, especially during summer days and sublime summer nights. 

Creating a composite decking is one project every house should look forward to because of the many benefits it ensures, but to be sure to reap all the benefits you have to make sure you are using the correct construction materials, one of which is the decking screw. 

The decking screw is one of the important construction materials (aside from the wood) which is used to fasten the wood together. Also, the quality of the decking screw is what determines how durable the deck will be and how beautiful it would look. 

In constructing your deck, it is important to get quality decking screws for the supporting of the wood, because each type of decking screw is specially designed to ensure professional installation and a stress-free job, which is why care must be taken when choosing and purchasing the type of deck screw to be used. 

What Are Deck Screws? 

A deck screw is a device designed specifically for constructing decks, which has a threaded fastener structure. A deck screw comprises a head, a shank, and a tip, which is meant to secure the wood tightly for strength and durability. 

There is a common misconception as people mistake deck screws with wood screws believing both of them to be the same. On the contrary deck, screws are quite different from wood screws, even though both of them possess similarities. For example, both deck screws and wood screws are both used for wooden materials and both of them have a head, a threaded shank, and a tip. But then, the difference between both of them is that a decking screw has the shank threaded to the end. Not just that, the shank is deeply threaded to ensure maximum grip and stronger fastening. This is unlike the wooden screw which is partially threaded and offers a partially secure join into the wood. 

The decking screw was made to be better in every way than a wooden screw so that it can be specially used for the construction of decks. A deck screw also contains ridges constructed across the head from the tip this is to ensure easy and tighter penetration into the wood as the threaded shank fastens it tightly to the wood. 

How Do I Select the Best Gauge? 

Whenever you buy a deck screw, you will see a measurement called the gauge, which is simply the diameter of the screw. Well, the perfect size of gauge for a deck screw is between 8-10. The diameter of an 8 gauge screw is said to be 4mm and this is the standard size of deck screw to be used. But then, the gauge size depends on the design you aim to achieve. So, you can choose the gauge size best for you. 

The length of the deck screw you should use depends on the thickness of the deck panel but for clarity, it should be twice the size of the decking panel. This is to ensure a maximum and strong grip. 

How to Choose the Best Deck Screws, Types, and Prices

There are various types of deck screws available to everyone and the type you should pick from depends on the thickness of the planks you intend to use to construct the decks, how long you intend to use it, the overall outlook of the deck, and the price. 

Although a lot of attention is being focused on the price because people are looking for cheaper ones, you must understand that durability and aesthetics are more important if you aim to reap the full benefits. 

Here are some types of decking screws that you can choose from: 

  1. Coated deck screw: this type of deck screw is the most common and mostly picked as people normally choose it when the chance comes up. It is an 8 gauge 50mm screw size and is very effective in holding tight together the wooden pieces of your deck. The best type of coated deck screw to pick from is the Type 17EM coated trim head deck screw. It ensures your deck screws are safe and secure, with a price of over $44.00 for a tub of 500 deck screws. 
  2. Stainless steel decking screw: This type of deck screw is best if you are constructing the deck near a watery area like a swimming pool or if the atmosphere of the area you are located in has high humidity. This is because the stainless steel decking screw is made from steel and steel is corrosion resistant, which means once done you do not need to worry about rusting again. Plus, it is durable. It can be found in the market as a Type 17 316 stainless steel decking screw with 8 gauge and 50mm available in a box with 1000 decking screws with a price tag of £117.35.
  3. Galvanized screw: this is the most appropriate option for pine decks which has been pressure treated. Although less corrosion resistance and is a cheaper option than stainless steel decking screws, it is still a widespread choice. You can purchase a Type 17 10 gauge 40mm galvanized decking screw which is a screw box containing 1000 screws for about £93.45.
  4. Self-drilling screw: this type of screw is best if you are looking for easy convenience and workability. This is because it reduces the risk of wood splitting when working. Well, it is quite expensive and to the others but it is worth it. This is especially as it will drive itself through the timber. 

You can purchase the 410 stainless steel countersunk deck screw providing 10 gauge and 50mm which is a box containing 1000 screws, its price is about $207.00. Or you can also purchase it if you want a type of self-drilling screw that is easy to use and also corrosion-resistant. The self-drilling wing tip bi-metal deck screw, which is made from stainless steel, a 10 gauge 45 mm, and a box that contains 1000 screws comes at a price tag of about $979.25.


A deck brings beauty and an appearance of luxury to a home but if not properly constructed will end up looking awful, and then it will not last long. This is why you must take care when constructing it.  The decking screw is a very important material for constructing a deck and you must take into consideration certain factors before purchasing the deck screw. 

Some of those factors are appearance, workability,  how tight it fastens, and finally, how anti-corrosive is it. All these factors will help you select the best decking screw that will serve and give you what you want.