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Our Help & Advice section is home to lots of handy tips and tricks you can use to keep your decking in top condition, especially in the colder winter months. Plus, you’ll find all sorts of suggestions on how to make the most out of it year round!

A few installation rules for our composite decking that need to be followed are:

  1. All composite decking expands with heat and contracts when cooling due to its HDPE content, please allow the appropriate gap between lengths when laid end to end, hollow boards require a minimum of 1mm per metre of length of board gap at each end when the boards are cold, when warmed up this gap will reduce to the required mimimum 1mm overall when the boards are at their hottest. Gaps should also be left around any poles, posts and next to buildings 5-10mm is considered standard.
  2. A screw can be drilled and screwed at a 45 degree angle at the centre of boards to prevent walking (expansion and contraction will always be in the same direction this way).
  3. For domestic use our solid style boards can be used with 450mm centres max for joists, our hollow style boards can be used with 350mm centres, diagonally layed boards should reduce joist centres by 50mm.

Co-Extruded Decking Boards Care & Maintenance

Please enjoy your low maintenance Ezy Decking boards!!!

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