Pool Deck Ideas for Your Backyard

A gorgeous patio enhances your pool enjoyment and provides a luxurious setting for poolside lounging. But are you limited to wood, or do you have more options? Well, spoiler alert – there are plenty of other options.

A deck is a functional landscape element that adds a lot of usable space around the pool. It creates a frame around the pool, creating a safe path and helping with drainage. But it can also create areas around the pool area to relax and enjoy. Decks can be planned to accommodate lounge and dining furniture. Then add shelter overhead structures like a pergola or cabana, or just an umbrella.

The deck idea has been an integral part of shipbuilding for centuries, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that this approach to design permeated the world of interior design. Where pavement was once prevalent, more and more people use patios around their pool areas.

Over the years, the use of pool decking has expanded to become the material of choice for modern pool ideas. The materials also prove their worth. Early decks were made from first-generation hardwood, but today eco-friendly products made from durable composites and recycled materials are all the rage. I also experiment with stains and widths to give the wood a very modern feel.

Top Pool Deck Ideas for You

Dream of driftwood

To get the perfect look of sunburned and weathered wood, one of the tricks is to wash regular Marabou decks with chlorine. This will speed up fading. (Merbau is a popular, durable, brownish decking board ideal for outdoor use.) Wrap the decking around the pool and continue the fence for a seamless look.

Pave the way

Wood is always beautiful, but so is the natural stone pavement around the pool. The clinker pavers keep your feet cool and offer a classic, streamlined, minimalist aesthetic. The use of pavers goes especially well with the house’s exterior walls. This creates a continuity between indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Small pool

If you’re working in a small space, maximize it with a glass fence. The pool area can be a tranquil place to be seen from the house when you add green plants.

Infinity pool in the backyard

Contemplating an infinity plunge pool with a natural view on your back porch? Then the wood is the obvious choice for decking to blend in and create the atmosphere of your rainforest eco-lodge.

Touch the tree

Even in a concrete pool, adding a wooden deck at the edge will give it a luxurious feel. Material contrast also adds to the visual interest. Find someone to sand your decks and ensure all your wood decks are comfortably under your feet.

Patterns and textures

Mixing materials in the pool deck area is not only functional (because different zones have different uses and needs). Aesthetically pleasing too. The interplay of textures, patterns, and colors creates visual interest. The big picture remains clean and simple. Materials such as wood, metal, and concrete can be freely combined.


Pool deck design options are wide, with many patterns and styles available in various materials. So how do you choose? Your decision will consider not only your personal aesthetic preferences but also the cost, durability, and safety of the materials you choose.

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