DIY Artificial Grass Installation – Common and Costly Mistakes

Thankfully, today we have many options of facilities and features that can be added to improve a property or space, but there is always this question of making the correct choice for a property. And this is mostly because the variety makes it difficult for property owners to distinguish additions that are a worthy investment from those that are not. 

Of course, artificial lawns are a worthy option to improve a property or space’s quality, value, and appeal, but then, there is the question of whether it is a wise investment. Well, this article will answer this question while outlining common mistakes that can make you question your choice of installing artificial grass

So, perhaps, you are interested in this topic, or you have been wondering how to go about your DIY artificial grass Installing. In that case, you should read till the end because we have all the answers you have been looking for. 

Artificial grass is described as a worthy investment for any property for certain reasons, and some of these reasons include:

  • The appeal: Before the advent of artificial grasses, property owners who desired a green and natural landscape for their space was required to plant trees and grasses. This addition required time that could span years before achieving the perfect look. However, artificial grasses provide a quick fix to getting a green and natural appeal for any space; thus, property owners can give their space or property a green and exquisite appeal.
  • Added value to the home: It is one thing for a home to look valuable and another for it to be valued. Property owners will agree that not all facilities or additions that give a property an expensive appeal increase the property’s value. Luckily, artificial grasses are not one of those additions because, when installed correctly, they not only give the property an exquisite and expensive appeal, they increase its value considering the benefits they offer the property in the long run.
  • Cost-efficiency: A smart investment is primarily described by one factor, and it is the money saved owning that investment. The standard does not change for facilities or additions to properties. Premium Artificial grass is considered an excellent and smart investment for any property owner because it saves costs. How? 

Recall that we mentioned that property owners needed time that could run to years to get a green, natural, and lush appeal for their home with natural grass. During this time, maintenance will be needed, including watering (increased water consumption resulting in increased water bills), pest control, regularly mowing to keep the lawn neat, and more. 

All these culminate into expenses before the lawn matures to give a green and beautiful appeal. These expenses continue after the lawn matures to keep the appeal neat and attractive. 

However, these expenses do not exist with artificial grasses because you instantly get a green, lush, and natural appeal on your property; plus, the maintenance cost is reduced as you will not need to actively water the lawn or mow it for it to retain its appeal. Still, there is a condition for this factor to be valid: the artificial grass should be correctly installed.

  • Longevity: The maximum lifespan for artificial grass is 15-20 years, and within this period, the grass consistently retains its appeal giving your property or space a quality look and increased value. “But the timeframe is too short considering that natural grass could give me equal benefits (in terms of appeal) for more years.” Yes, natural grass can give equal benefits, but there is the question of the expenses incurred. Also, consider that artificial grass impacts a property’s value differently from natural grass.

With artificial grass on a property, any buyer understands that they are offered a property with an improved appeal and close-to-zero responsibility or expense. At the same time, this guarantee does not exist on properties with natural grass.

  • Easy installation: We can classify this benefit under cost-efficiency, but it should be discussed independently. Think, “a property addition or facility where you are not mandated to spend an astronomical sum when installing because you could do it yourself.”  This would be too good to be accurate, but it is true, and artificial grass is one of those additions or facilities. However, there is a little condition where you are required to be informed on basic information because poor installation eliminates any benefits associated with artificial grass; thus, why many do not rate it as a smart investment.

Furthermore, artificial grasses are a smart investment, provided they are installed correctly!!! [Repeated] “But, we stated earlier that they offer the benefit of do-it-yourself installation.” Yes, and we also mentioned provided you are well-informed on how to install them. Property owners make some costly mistakes when installing this facility on their property, and these mistakes negatively impact the addition, its benefits, and their property. These mistakes include:

  1. Installing on uneven ground: Artificial grasses are not carpets you roll over any surface; even carpets have requirements before they can be rolled out on a surface. The neat look artificial grasses are known to possess does not just happen; the ground underneath it is a primary factor; thus, before installing, you must investigate and note any feature that can affect the artificial grass’s appeal when laid out. Remove these obstacles or features before laying out the artificial grass, ensuring a neat appeal.
  2. Overlooking the drainage factor: There is no way a puddle would be considered beautiful even in a green and natural landscape. Furthermore, this is even trickier when dealing with artificial grass because the water can accumulate beneath the bedding; thus, checking the drainage when installing them is essential. “But we stated earlier that artificial grass offers reduced water consumption benefits.” Yes, they do, but you will need to clean occasionally, and there is the factor of rainfall; thus, making it essential to check the drainage when installing.
  3. Uneven jointing: By default, artificial grass, when installed correctly, is pretty close to natural grass in terms of appeal. Still, when you make the mistake of irregular or uneven joints, the difference is noticeable by a mile; thus, the natural appeal is compromised. Hence, checking the joins when installing is essential because if the joins are irregular after installation, it costs more to correct.


If you have a question about whether artificial grass installation is a smart and excellent investment for your home, especially because you are scared of specific mistakes, you do not have to worry anymore. This article has outlined why it is a smart investment and the mistakes many people make during installation. This is so that you can spot the mistakes in your installed artificial lawn and eliminate doubts about it being a smart investment.

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