6.5mm vs. 9mm Hybrid Flooring

1. Plank Length
  • 6.5mm hybrid flooring: Features 1520mm long planks. This shorter length can facilitate easier handling and installation in tighter spaces or smaller rooms.
  • 9mm hybrid flooring: Boasts extended 1800mm plank lengths, offering a more extended appearance that can be visually appealing in larger areas.
2. Tolerance to Substrate Unevenness:
  • 6.5mm: Accommodates minor floor unevenness with a tolerance of +/- 2mm over its length.
  • 9mm: Offers a broader tolerance of +/- 3mm, making it more adaptable to slightly imperfect subfloors. This can mean that the 9mm option might require less floor preparation, potentially saving on time and additional costs.
3. Feel Underfoot:
  • 6.5mm hybrid flooring: Offers a more solid and firm sensation underfoot due to its thinner structure.
  • 9mm: Provides a softer, cushioned feel, enhancing comfort levels when walked upon.
4. Sound Insulation:
  • Both the 6.5mm and 9mm options have achieved a 5-star rating in acoustic reports, which testifies to their superior sound insulation properties. However, the 9mm offers slightly improved acoustics, especially in more expansive areas. While Australian standards typically focus on smaller sample areas for testing, the 9mm is expected to provide enhanced noise dampening across more significant spaces in real-world applications.
5. Price and Value:
  • 6.5mm hybrid flooring**: Comes at a price of $29/m2.
  • 9mm hybrid flooring**: While priced at $39/m2, it’s currently available at approximately 30% below standard retail pricing, offering substantial savings. Importantly, both flooring options deliver the same value concerning manufacturing costs, ensuring quality irrespective of the chosen thickness.
6. Installation:
  • 6.5mm: Thanks to its shorter and shallower design, this option can be more straightforward and quicker to install.
  • 9mm: Requires a bit more precision during installation due to its length, but its deeper click mechanism ensures a more robust and secure fit.
7. Transition to Other Flooring:
  • 6.5mm: Optimally designed for seamless transitions to thinner flooring types.
  • 9mm: Is better suited for integration with thicker floorings, guaranteeing a smooth and even transition.
Deciding between the 6.5mm and 9mm hybrid flooring should be based on the space’s specific requirements, the budget at hand, and the desired functional and aesthetic outcomes. Both choices have distinct advantages tailored to different needs and preferences.