4 ways to avoid damage to your composite decking

Even with the increased durability and longevity of composite decking, it can be easier than you might think to accidentally damage it. Here’s how to avoid that!

Once you’ve got your composite decking installed in your backyard, and gotten everything looking just the way you want, the last thing you need is to accidentally spoil it all by somehow damaging your decking. To help you avoid that nightmare scenario, here we’ve listed some of the most common issues that we frequently hear from our customers – so you can avoid them to keep your deck looking better for longer!

Avoid heavy backyard furniture

That’s not to say you can’t have any furniture on your decking at all. After all, if you can’t relax on your deck, it defeats at least half the point of having it! However, it’s wise to be picky about the kinds of backyard furniture you use. If you’ve got lots of heavy furniture made of stone or cast iron, it’s a good idea to try and avoid moving them about too much on your decking. Lightweight options are better, such as wood or even plastic. It’s not a huge worry, since composite decking is fairly physically resilient anyway, but it’s certainly not a bad idea to bear it in mind!

Don’t power wash your decking

Don't power wash your decking

This is a bit of advice that’s commonly applied to wood decking, and it’s just as relevant when it comes to composite, too. Despite its general durability, you run the risk of etching it or marking it with the significant force of a power washer – which could end up leaving permanent damage. Not an ideal scenario! A gentler approach is always a solid plan. Soap and water is generally a good idea, but if you’re not confident that will do the job, or you want some more specific advice, our experts at Ezy Decking are always happy to help.

Choose your decking cleaners wisely

If soap and water isn’t doing the job, some people look to chemical cleaners instead. If you decide to go down that route, just bear in mind that it’s not like cleaning your kitchen. In other words, stronger isn’t always better! Particularly corrosive cleaners can end up burning off the corrosive layers, leaving your deck discoloured. If you’re not sure which cleaner is best to use for your deck – once again, our experts will be only too happy to advise!

Don’t host barbecues on your deck

on’t host barbecues on your deck

This might seem obvious, but it’s definitely worth saying anyway! There are few things more tempting than hosting a beautiful barbecue in your backyard for friends and family, especially in the heat of the Australian weather. We’re definitely not going to knock that here at Ezy Decking, but we will say – don’t place the barbecue on your decking! Its general resilience doesn’t extend to it being fireproof. Even if you manage to avoid burning your decking, the weight of the barbecue itself can still end up leaving a mark on your deck. Avoid it if you can!

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but does address some of the most common issues we most frequently hear from customers who’ve accidentally damaged their decking. If you’re in need of a replacement, or you’re just getting started on your decking project, you’re in exactly the right place. Here at Ezy Decking, we’ve got a great range of composite decking products, and all the expertise and advice to answer almost any question you might have. Why not take a look around our site, and see what you can find?