How to Choose the Right Wood to Use for Your Deck – Main Factors to Consider

One major factor to consider when buying your deck materials is choosing the right wood, and to do this, you’ll have to balance the act between budget, beauty, and the quality of the timber. Of course, you can’t just use any wood material since you have to consider the conditions to which this material will be exposed and the threats that you think could cause damage to your deck. 

So before choosing the wood to use, it’s essential to get familiar with the different decking wood types available, including domestic woods and exotic species. 

That being said, along with other factors, you may want to consider the factors we will discuss below when choosing wood. This is so that you can make a wise decision once you visit a timber supplies store.

  • Durability

As a result of timber being a natural material, it is impossible to give the exact value to the durability of each species. However, the actual life span expected of a functioning deck will depend on several factors, such as your location, your home, the air circulation around the deck, and its exposure to natural elements, like heavy rains or infestations. You should therefore choose a type of wood that can withstand these harsh elements.

Usually, hardwoods such as Merbau are mostly preferred, but you can also use softwoods so long they have been given the proper chemical treatment that makes them durable. An experienced carpenter will know how to properly and safely treat timber to improve its lifespan, or you can decide to buy wood that has already been pressure-treated from timber supplies stores. 

  • Color

Wood comes in different variations of colors – ranging from yellow to red, brown, orange-red, and even purple. While some may be consistent in color, others may vary considerably. However, whichever way it is, if oil is not regularly applied, it will eventually fade to a soft silver grey.

But the speed at which this will happen will depend on the species, weather conditions, degree of exposure to the sun, etc., so when choosing a deck, be sure to choose the ones that come in a natural color that’ll complement your main home. This way, your deck will blend in perfectly with the main house and make your home very attractive. 

  • Cost of the wood

Another vital thing to consider when choosing wood is the cost, especially for those on a tight budget. Don’t worry; an option to lower your expenses is to use softwoods such as Pine. As mentioned earlier, they can be made durable by the proper treatment and don’t cost much.


Considering these factors will enable you to have your dream deck built in no time and for a less expensive price. Even if you think of trying out other materials aside from wood, know that nothing beats wood in terms of class. 

It is also very easy to maintain. In addition, wood has insulation properties, so your feet will not get cold if you ever decide to walk barefoot on your deck on a cold night. What more could you have asked for?

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