7 Modern Pool Decking Ideas

Whether you already have a pool or are thinking of adding one, there is no doubt that an outdoor pool is a perfect way to add fun and functionality to your backyard this summer. The terrace provides more adequate space for entertaining and relaxing. Many pools have traditionally been built around a concrete deck, but this has several problems, being too hot in the summer, susceptible to freeze-thaw in the cold months, and not particularly attractive. There is none.

The deck idea has been an integral part of shipbuilding for centuries, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that this approach to design permeated the world of interior design. Where pavement was once prevalent, more and more people use patios around their pool areas. Over the years, the use of decking has expanded to become the material of choice for modern pool ideas. The material has proven its worth as well.

Modern pool decks are different. It helps create an outdoor living space where you want to spend time, perfect for entertaining family and friends. These seven modern pool decking ideas will help you understand what you can do in your backyard.

House Extension

Who says indoor and outdoor spaces should be separated? The pool and deck in this home act as an extension of the house by blurring the boundaries with large paneled glass windows, and by using the same material for both the wood paneling and the wood decking, it is possible to move from one area to the next. The design flows in harmony.

Private vacation

Why settle for it when you can have it all? Create the ideal outdoor living space that combines luxury and functionality. Complete with an outdoor kitchen, pool, spa, and ample lounging space, all connected by timber decks to support flow and design. This backyard makes the interior look dated.

 The beauty of weathered wood

Aging gracefully is an art that wood has perfected. Take driftwood, for example. The subtle grays and charming imperfections matched only by the natural weathering of the sea’s embrace are almost poetic. Ability is the reason why this silver-gray patina is so sought after. This pool perfectly shows how a wooden deck can improve with age.

Happy spa memories

Who wouldn’t want a backyard that captures the simple beauty and peaceful tranquility of a fancy spa? Combined with subtle integrated lighting and tailored to the pool’s unique shape, this wooden deck has a natural charm that draws you to a calming retreat every time you step outside.

Supplementary material

Infinity pools lend themselves to another unique design experience. This pool deck design uses the straight lines of the wooden deck to elongate the look of the pool and emphasize the lasting effects of the water. Additionally, the natural wood decking complements the surrounding landscape and enhances the overall look and feel of the space.

Elegant simplicity

Nestled in the heart of a sprawling vineyard, it didn’t take much effort to make this hotel’s pool look stunning. The designed wooden deck speaks volumes, quietly complementing the clean lines of the pool and highlighting the organic colors of the rustic landscape.

Riches of nature

A trend rapidly gaining popularity is the creation of pools that look more natural than the rectangular boxes we grew up with. It creates an atmosphere like a secret hideaway. The wooden decks and walkways that wind through the village are equally unique, making for very different styles of pool decks.


From pool lighting to pool drainage, there are many things to consider when designing your pool deck. One thing to remember when starting the process is that a beautiful outdoor living space with a beautiful landscape can represent 20% of the overall value of your home.

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