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EzyDecking Frequently Asked Questions

Ezy Decking Polymer capped composite is very low maintenance compared to other decking material as it is highly stain and UV resistant, a simple brush and occasional mop with water and mild washing up detergent followed by a mop with clean water is all that is required.

Like all finished products damage is possible. The polymer capped shell on Ezy Decking boards is very hard wearing and up to normal deck use, we recommend felt pads on furniture as someone could get a bit hasty and really drag furniture accross your beautiful deck. If damage should occur, we have matching repair kits for all of our decking colours.

Our decking has the highest quantity of UV additive that can go into a polymer shell so it is highly UV resistant, the only known issue is when the boards are close to the reflecting side of low E glass as this extremely intensifies the heat reflection above the safe limit of 60oC .

Our intertak report shows that Ezy Decking performs outstandingly when exposed to pool chemicals in normal pool water conditions, it is recommended to remove any direct acid or chlorine spills as soon as possible.

As shown in the fitting instructions, expansion gaps should be left all around walls and other structures, the gap between boards is left by the clips and when running more than the length of a full board leave 4mm on a warm day and 6mm on a cooler day

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